The Barrio of Agpudlos has another story to tell. It was pioneered by the early Mangyans before the Spaniards came to the Barrio. The Barrio was a vast wilderness covered by thick vegetation of rattan. They cleared the uncultivated site and made clearings for rice land. Soon they were joined by the Onhan migrants.

   When the Spaniards came they found of the parcel of land to their liking, fertile as it was beside rattan which grew wild abundantly ( a very useful material in building houses) abaca, and fruit bearing trees, they claimed it. Thus it became a hacienda. Every time the Spanish masters went out for inspection tour, they carried pieces of rattan stalk which they used as a whips. They applied to this to the tenants who were not able to clear the piece of land assigned to them. Great was the tenants fear upon seeing the masters with their inseparable whips .There were plenty of this kind of whip anywhere among the Spaniards, so they name the place “Agpudlos:” ‘Ag’ a visayan prefix for plenty, and ‘pudlos’ which means ‘whip’- plenty of whips’.

   The Hacienda was later sold to a Filipino by the Spaniards when that left at the turn of the century and now in this vast track of land is owned by the heirs of Perpetuo Martinez.

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